La Tienda Online de la Sublimación Casera

Rotuladores para sublimar en casa

Sublimation markers

Discover our BLIM art markers specially designed for home sublimation. An oven or an iron and a dash of creativity are all you need!

Herramientas para la sublimación casera

Tools for sublimation

In addition to our special inks, you can find the necessary tools to sublimate any of your creations.

Productos para la sublimación desde casa

Sublimation products

Plates, mugs, T-shirts… All the bases you can imagine to print your art. Designed for seamless sublimation application.


Our BLIM art sublimation markers feature incredibly vibrant and appealing colors.


Achieve greater precision in your artwork with the beveled tips of BLIM art markers.


Draw on paper and transfer your best work onto any of our surfaces.


The paint penetrates the fibers and sets permanently. Dishwasher use won’t damage the drawing, which remains intact.

Sublimate Your Creativity


BLIM art Markers

Con nuestros rotuladores BLIM art podrás plasmar tu arte en infinidad de materiales. Textil, cerámica, plásticos… Haz tus dibujos en el papel de sublimación y plánchalo en tus camisetas, platos, posavasos, alfombrillas de ratón, etc.

Nuestros últimos tips creativos

What is sublimation?

What is sublimation?

The definition of sublimation is to go from a solid to a gaseous state without passing through a liquid state at any time. In the case of textile sublimation, ceramics and the many other items that we have available, we are talking about transferring a drawing onto...

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