The definition of sublimation is to go from a solid to a gaseous state without passing through a liquid state at any time.

In the case of textile sublimation, ceramics and the many other items that we have available, we are talking about transferring a drawing onto the chosen article so that when heat is applied, the paint becomes gaseous and penetrates the fibers to be permanently fixed.


How to customize objects with BlimArt sublimation markers?

First you have to choose the item to personalize, draw a picture on a thick paper with the BLIM ART markers, put the drawing on the surface that you want to decorate, fix it with thermal tape if necessary and apply the heat source.

Depending on the object that you want to decorate, some pressure will have to be applied.

Finally let it cool down, remove the drawing and enjoy!

Click HERE to watch more videos and tutorials.


How to sublimate a shirt / backpack or textile?

Draw a picture on thick paper with the BLIM ART markers. Tape the drawing to the shirt with thermal tape. It has to be placed in a way that the drawing is in contact with the fabric.

Cover the ironing board with paper or cloth to protect it. Put the shirt on top of it with the drawing that you have previously prepared, the next step is to iron over it. Iron the shirt at the temperature and pressure indicated in the sublimation instructions. It is usual to iron for 20-25 seconds at 180-200 ºC and apply pressure with the iron.

Once it cools down, remove the thermal tape, the drawing and we have a personalized shirt.


How to sublimate a plate / cup or ceramic piece?

Draw a picture on thick paper with the BLIM ART markers. Tape the drawing to the piece with thermal tape.

It has to be placed in a way that the drawing remains in contact with the object that you want to decorate.

Put the piece in the oven and follow the sublimation instructions. Usually it has to stay in the oven for 10 min at 200 ºC.

Add some element of weight that puts pressure on the drawing, for example a pot with water inside.

Once it cools down, remove the thermal tape and the drawing and we have the customized piece.


How many tip types are there?

At the moment we have the BlimArt markers with bevelled tip that is very versatile because it allows to make both thick and thin stripes.


Photo Can sublimated shirts / backpacks / textiles be machine washed?

Yes, they can be washed respecting the washing instructions of the garment.


Are the cups / plates / sublimated ceramic parts dishwasher safe?

Yes, they can be washed and that will not affect the drawing.


How to transfer letters, words or phrases?

Mirror effect By transferring the images using this technique, a mirror effect is created.

When it comes to a drawing it usually doesn’t matter but when we want to transfer a text we have to take it into account.

The way to transfer correctly is to write it inverted.

Templates or stencils are a great help for when we want to add a text to our design.

Click HERE to watch more videos and tutorials.


Can I use the same drawing several times?

Yes, the drawing can be used several times but from the second printing it will lose color intensity.


Can it be blurred?

As you can see in our videos, you can easily blur the drawings with a cotton swab. 


Does any paper work?

The drawing can be done on any paper, but the thick paper absorbs a lot of the paint so it allows you to transfer images with a higher quality and more defined and gives you the possibility to use the same drawing to make several transfers.


Why are colors different before and after sublimation?

The paint changes color when sublimated.

To choose the color we have to look at the color that marks the label.

The paint is much darker before the sublimation and there are even colors that can be confused but once sublimated the bright and vivid colors of the label are obtained. In the box come instructions of how the colors look before and after.

Does any fabric serve for the sublimation?

T-shirts, cosmetic bags, mouse-pads and all the textile articles we have on the website are suitable for sublimation.

If you want to sublimate a textile that is not purchased on our website, it must be taken into account that the composition must consist of at least 50% polyester.

Does any ceramic piece serve for the sublimation?

All ceramic items on our website are suitable for sublimation.

In the case of wanting to sublimate a ceramic piece that is not purchased on our website and / or that is not ready for sublimation, it is necessary to apply a special varnish of two components beforehand.

Right now we do not sell this varnish, but you can contact us and we will help you find a solution at


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